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Boxing Day Lunch Cruises on Sydney Harbour

Boxing Day Lunch Cruises on Sydney Harbour

In Sydney, the spirit and fun of Christmas linger on to get carried over to Boxing Day what with the heart-pumping Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race and the warmth of the festivities that hangs over from the previous day! Sydney Harbour is the centre of all excitement and the harbour lunch cruises are the best vantage points where one can make the most of the excitement of the race as well as the fun on the harbour with a fabulous lunch to indulge your appetite in later on!

Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, as the name suggests, starts in Sydney and finishes in Hobart, covering a distance of 630 nautical miles and is considered to be one of the most difficult yacht races of the world. Since the inaugural race in 1945, the race has grown over the decades, both in popularity and as a sport, to become one of the top three offshore yacht races of the world, attracting contestants from all over the globe.

With an entire population that is known for its vibrant lifestyle and vivacious attitude and its love for fun and celebrations, Sydney, on Boxing Day, has its air full of exhilaration over the event and a readiness to give in to the adrenaline-pumping, heart-racing, breath-stopping excitement of the day! On Boxing Day, Sydney wakes up with a new enthusiasm and buoyancy and makes it to the harbour in time to cheer the contestants as the race is flagged off.

There are cruises on Sydney Harbour that give you as close a view as possible of the beginning of the race – so close that you can almost breathe the excitement in the air and feel the thrill down your spine as the heat of the race is turned on and sense an elation that only participation in the race could otherwise bring about!

Magistic Cruises is a sophisticated catamaran that offers a lunch cruise on Boxing Day that provides you an uninterrupted view of the start of the yacht race from its extensive deck as well as a snack box lunch to nibble on as the race leaves you famished! The sophisticated and stylish decor of the boat makes the cruise absolutely comfortable while the spectacular views of the harbour make it an unforgettable experience!

The combined experience of the old world charm of an authentic paddle wheeler and the luxury of a modern five-star restaurant can be enjoyed on the unique Sydney Showboats. Long verandahs run around the boat, which provide a sweeping view of the harbour and the yacht race. And there is a fabulous lunch buffet to wind up the day with!

If you are in Sydney and not on Sydney Harbour on Boxing Day, you have missed the most exciting Sydney experience around Christmas. If you are on the harbour but not on one the lunch cruises, you have still missed half the fun of the day. Board one of the Boxing Day Lunch Cruises to make the most of the exciting yacht race, the spectacular harbour views and a luxury lunch cruise, and your Sydney Christmas experience is complete!