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Boxing Gloves – The Answer To Holiday Weight Gains

Boxing Gloves – The Answer To Holiday Weight Gains

During the holidays it is more important than ever for fighters to keep their focus, keep their eye on the prize. That prize is different for every fighter, some of us train in our arts like boxing, MMA, jiu jitzu, or Muay Thai to compete in the ring or cage. Some of us train to stay fit and live healthier lives.

While we all enjoy cheating on our diets during the holidays, it is important that we don’t miss days at the gym. Staying consistent in your workouts will help your body absorb some of that holiday joy, and food.

Planning your workouts in advance will save time at the gym. Some people get to the gym without a goal, plan or intention of a having an organized workout. You spend time deciding what cardio machine you’re going to jump on without a distance or time in mind. We start lifting weights without a muscle group or circuit in mind, and we even start working drills on the mats or in the ring without an idea of what we’re doing from drill to drill.

During the holiday season your workouts need to be short and precise in an effort to squeeze them into your busy schedule. Plan ahead of time what cardio routines, weight lifting circuit, or drills you’re going to do on the mat or in the ring. Write them down if you have to, but this will save precious time allowing you to get a better work out in a shorter amount of time. Shorter workouts that have fewer rests are more intense and will help you keep your heart rate in ‘the zone’.

Enjoy the holidays, enjoy the food and good times. Don’t allow yourself to regret your decisions and be part of the millions of American’s that wake up after New Years and wish they could start making a change. Remember, keep your eye on the prize. It’s a fighter’s focus.