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Boxing Martial Arts – What Makes Them So Good?

Boxing Martial Arts – What Makes Them So Good?

The Boxing Martial Arts focus on throwing punches, and strikes with the fist, and include A�Kickboxing, Shaolin Boxing, Muay Thai and Martial Boxing. Martial arts ( the name derived from Mars the god of war in Greece ) have originated in several different places on the planet. A�But while they’re mostly associated with Chinese fighting styles, some main sources of the boxing style of fighting are in Europe and South-East Asia.

Boxing has a long history from back in early Greece and then in England and the USA, with Martial Boxing seeing the incorporation of Eastern techniques to make it more useful for self defense. A�Muay Thai is from Thailand and Kickboxing is usually associated with the American variation these days, though there are a number of different cultural variations.

Competition/Sports and Self Defense

All martial arts are great for fitness and confidence, and as a sport and means of self defense. There’s a large range of disciplines and some lean towards the competition/sporting side and others have a more self-defense aspect.A�

Generally I’ve observed that the boxing martial arts are more useful for self defense, with the self-defense aspect drilled in earlier in the training, and not so many moves to master. This is no way degrades other forms of fighting, as a master in any of them is usually an amazing fighter – but it takes far more training and skill to learn what’s necessary to defend yourself than with a boxing martial art, where the A�options are fewer. A�

Boxing has a tradition of concentrating on strong basic attacks while maintaining defense and ability to absorb some hits without losing concentration. A�It’s just a fact, that if you’re in a fight, you’re likely to get hit, and you need to be able to keep going if you want to come out the other end. So stamina is also a major aspect of being able to defend yourself and you’ll find that the tradition of boxing encourages a lot of work in being able to keep going and still be able to protect yourself even when exhausted. A�


Boxing Martial Arts are a closer match to the MMA ( Mixed Martial Arts ) than many other disciplines. A MmA tournament is great to watch and has the (almost) any technique allowed policy of fighting, with a lot of the Boxing/Kickboxing techniques used by competitors. MMA is being promoted more and more, and there’s a dedicated promotions organization – the UFC – that sponsors huge events in the United States. A�

Muay Thai A�

Muay Thai ( Thai Boxing ) is considered by a lot of martial artists to be the ultimate in self-defense, and it incorporates everything I’ve mentioned so far about boxing and includes devastating knee, elbow and shin kicks that don’t leave you likely to be off balance and open to your opponent.