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Boxing Training Tips for Beginners: Areas to Focus In

Boxing Training Tips for Beginners: Areas to Focus In

There are many different areas within boxing that you can choose to focus on in order to improve your game. You’ll need boxing training tips to cover all of these areas and show you what’s most important, as well as offer some guidance to help get you moving in the right direction. From boxing strength training to honing your technique, here are a few key areas to focus on when it comes to your training in boxing.

Technical Form: Use the heavy bag and shadow boxing to work on your technical form. This means the exact movements of your body and making sure you complete them appropriately, and in the right fashion to produce the best results and minimize injury concerns. Technical form should be worked on before other things, so you aren’t too tired. Once you’re tired, your form will naturally start to slip, and it’s not the time to work on improving technical ability. That’s why you should start your workout by shadow boxing, which will also help to warm up your body.

Boxing Strength Training: Boxing strength training is also important so that you can improve the capabilities of your body in both dishing out punches and receiving them, as well as your all around athleticism and strength. Boxers shouldn’t spend too much time weightlifting, but instead should focus on boxing strength training using bodyweight exercises such as pull-ups, pushups and other moves utilizing light weights, medicine balls and on down the line.

Conditioning: Training in boxing will really test your stamina and conditioning, and when you want to improve your performance, you have to train that endurance. Push to yourself to the limit by utilizing boxing training tips like heavy bag punch challenges, working out without taking time off between rounds, wearing sweat suits and more. Also, take to the street and perform some road work, which is running or jogging while also making some boxing moves.

Speed: Some people think that speed cannot be taught but that isn’t exactly true. You might have your own personal limits, but you can always improve on your performance with the right boxing training tips. In addition to boxing strength training, you should also be utilizing speed training. By using the speed bag, the double end bag, and also by using weighted gloves while training on the heavy bag, you can work on the speed of your punches and of your body movement as well.

This has been just a basic rundown of some of the areas to focus in when it comes to training in boxing. There are many other boxing training tips that you can utilize, but these should at least help you begin by learning what exactly needs to be done, and how. From boxing strength training to speed and conditioning, focus on these spots to improve your capabilities.