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Diet Suggestions For People Suffering From Type I Diabetes

Diet Suggestions For People Suffering From Type I Diabetes

Type I diabetes can be deadly if normal sugar levels are not maintained. Regular exercise and suitable diet are a part of daily routine of people suffering from type I diabetes. These things are very important if you want to maintain your weight. The balance of exercise and right food will help you achieve weight loss, which will have a long-term effect on your health. Some important points to consider if you are suffering from type I diabetes:

Timing of your meals

If you are taking medications for diabetes, it is very important to have consistent meal timings as it helps in maintaining your body glucose to normal levels. This will also help in greatly reducing the risk of diabetes related problems such as kidney disease, nerve damage, coronary artery disease. Regular meal timings help boost your body metabolism and control weight. You can have a dietitian draw up a food plan for weight loss, which suits your needs, lifestyle, medications, and body rhythms, and preferences to help you loose weight successfully.

Suggested Intake of Calories

the number of calories that you can take in a day is decided by your height, weigh, sex, and physical and mental activity levels. Active men and women require a minimum of fifteen calories per pound. However, on the other side,men and women having a sedentary lifestyle require a minimum of thirteen calories per pound. People who are above the age of 55 also need the same amount of calories. Obese women with a highly sedentary lifestyle only require about ten calories per pound.

If you want to loose weight in a steady manner so that it does not adversely, affect your body you should work towards losing one to two pounds every week. This can be simply done if you subtract up to 500 to 1000 calories from your daily-recommended intake of calories.

Exercise for Weight Loss

People who are suffering from type I diabetes have to carefully combine their diet with regular exercise routines to achieve weight loss and maintain blood sugar levels. It would be best to take help from a professional fitness trainer.