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Exercise by Boxing For Anyone at Any Level

Exercise by Boxing For Anyone at Any Level

Boxing is one of the most versatile ways to get in, and stay in shape. Even if you are working out alone there are many ways of building your endurance and strength. Just strapping on a pair of gloves and throwing punches at a bag can do wonders. The workouts are simple. Either use a stop watch or a round clock and build up your round lengths against the bag. Start short and be sure you warm up before each work out. Eventually you will be able to do several 3 min rounds or longer depending on your diet and work ethic with each workout. There are tons of articles and videos out there to learn and work on your technique. All I encourage you to do is GET STARTED. Technique and form will come in time, the important thing is to just get out there and get going. Realize how simple workouts can make you feel better. Punching is an awesome way to release stress and aggression. Working out by yourself does have some advantages. The main one being cost. Once you get your own equipment you are set. You workouts are only limited to your imagination with the equipment you have.

Hopefully you do eventually find a workout partner. Maybe you start taking boxing, kickboxing, or some form of MMA class. These classes are great. I have taken kickboxing classes that were a great deal of fun and taught me a lot. I am also an assistant instructor on a military installation for the Modern Army Combatives Program. These classes are usually well planned and work on a multitude of aspects from technique to endurance. The same important thing stated above is important here, GET STARTED. Classes are often expensive so it is important you find one you enjoy and stick with it. Classes have the advatage of constent suppervision and critiques. Plus you have people there to help you stay motivated.

MMA is one the most popular sports in the world today. People everywhere are learning Mixed Martial Arts. Not only will boxing provide you with a great foundation if you wish to transfer over into MMA, but it will also give you tools for self defense.

Boxing brings lots of fun and challanges to all who wish to explore its enormous possibilities. Start small and work your way up. A question many people have who get started is what type of equipment they need. This depends on your goals. Good equipment is essential to good workouts and more important, keeping yourself healthy. Boxing can be a dangerous sport so the proper equipment is vital to all levels of participants.