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Exercises To Build Chest Muscle Fast

You see them on TV, at the beach or just walking about — men with well-defined pectoral muscles; you’re envious. They have the definition, they have the look, and they have the broad shoulders that carry their build and put your less-than-well-defined chest muscles to shame. If you’re getting ready to hit the beach, planning a stay at a resort with a pool, or just want to add some definition under your shirt, here are a few exercises to build your chest muscles fast.


Often overlooked by individuals, dips are an effective way of building chest muscle, as well as adding definition to your chest, and working your triceps in one simple action. Traditionally, dips take place on parallel bars, but you can also perform these exercises from the comfort of your home if you have two sturdy surfaces that are at an even height and can hold your weight.

For the biggest impact on your chest muscles, you should lean forward during your reps and be sure to lower, and raise, yourself as much as possible.


While pushups may seem plain-Jane and boring, there are ways to spice up your pushup routine that will help you add definition while working different areas of your chest to build up muscle. Most people know about standard, military-style pushups where your hands are placed shoulder-width apart, and those work, but there are several variations of pushups:

1. Incline pushups

2. Decline pushups

3. Wide push ups

4. Diamond pushups

Try mixing and matching different push up routines — this will help you to work different parts of your upper body and different chest muscles as well.

Weightless resistance training

It may seem silly, but you can tighten, tone, and even build chest muscle fast without heading to the gym. There are many types of ‘weightless’ resistance training that you can incorporate — from dips to butterfly-like presses.

Here are two types of resistance training that will help you to build chest muscle up quickly:

* Interlock your hands directly in front of your chest and try to pull them apart.

* Replicate a butterfly press without a weight-training machine. While you can certainly use free weights and work to build muscle mass, you can also create your own resistance while performing these butterfly-like presses and add definition to your chest muscles.

The exercises that we have outlined here not only will help you to build chest muscle quickly, they are all easy enough to be performed from your own home. Weight training and muscle building does not have to be difficult, and with a little bit of effort, you can have the well-defined chest muscles that you have been looking for in no time flat.