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Get Jacked In 2010 With The Hugh Workout – Explosive Wolverine Workout 4

Hi everyone and welcome to the Hugh workout 4. In this fourth installment of the Wolverine workout, we are going to do some more circuit training with another 5 exercises. To complete a circuit, do each of the five exercises and try to take as few breaks as possible. To complete the workout, complete 2 to 5 circuits depending on your physical ability. On the positive part of the rep explode with a tempo of 1 second. On the negative part of the rep, slow it down with a 2 to 4 second tempo. That being said, lets jump right into it!

Hugh Workout 4

Exercise 1: Power Pull Ups

Explode and power to the top of the pull up position, hold for a moment then do a negative on the way down taking 3 to 4 seconds. Do as many reps as you can and go to failure.

Exercise 2: Reverse Grip Bench Press

Reverse your grip from the usual bench press grip (i.e. have your knuckles facing you.). Push the bar up and lower it down with your elbows staying as close to your body as possible (at the bottom of the movement, they should be close to your hips and the bar around your mid stomach). Hold at the bottom, then explode up. Use a 1 up 2 to 3 seconds down tempo for this exercise.

Exercise 3: Back Push Ups

Instead of placing your palms parallel to your body, spread your arms fairly far apart with your palms down and perpendicular to your body. Lower and raise yourself moving side to side instead of up and down. Make sure to keep your core firm, especially your lower back to work that into the mix. Do as many reps as you can to failure.

Exercise 4: Cleans

With an Olympic bar and a weight suited for your athletic level, explode and clean the weight to your shoulders and press the weight up and lock it over your head before slowly bringing the weight down. Do 5 to 10 reps for this exercise.

Exercise 5: Ab Clocks

Using a chin up bar, support yourself with your arms and simulate a leg lift but instead of moving up and down, do clocks, doing 8 reps clockwise and 8 reps counterclockwise.

Incredible, you have made it through the Hugh workout 4! This is great as this is an extremely challenging workout!

Moving from exercise to exercise taking little to no breaks is excellent circuit training and the best way to build your muscular endurance. Circuit training is great training to not only build your muscular endurance but to build muscle and burn fat. Make sure when you are planning your workouts over the coming weeks and months to move in and out of circuit training and non circuit training phases and within those phases, every couple weeks, to alter the sets, reps and rep tempo. Variety and constantly switching things up will ensure maximum results in building muscle, getting ripped and building strength and muscular endurance!

Congratulations again on completing the Hugh workout 4, keep your training consistent and focus on positive improvement in your next workout!