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Ghillie Suits For Girls

I find it puzzling that a little more than half of my customers are women, but they are buying a ghillie suit for a male friend or relative. With as many women as there are in paintball, one would expect more of them to be exploring camouflage. At first I thought the girls wanted to be sure the guys noticed they were girls and would take it easy on them. But there are huge numbers of all girl teams and all girl events. No guys to notice or care because everybody is a girl. For sure, not all events are suited to ghillie suits, but many are. I would think the ladies would like the extra protection a ghillie provides. Is it that women don’t have the patience required for using heavy-duty camouflage. Women are certainly more aggressive than men and that would go along with a lack of patience. The few ghillie suits I sell to women for women are usually for hunting or wildlife observation such as birding. Sometimes they want it for a the odd occasion such as a party or a wedding, but hardly ever for paintball. I can understand ladies not wanting one of the older jute suits because of the smell and the weight, but the newer synthetics create a very light and odor-free suit. I’m not really up to date on the military any more, and I sometimes wonder if they incorporate females into the sniper programs. I sincerely doubt it. Between the ghillie suit and a 30 lb sniper rifle not many women could handle it and those that could would probably choose not to. I hope that women are still restricted from combat roles. A friend of mine said that a ghillie suit would not conceal a woman’s femininity, because her pheromones would give her away. It would be interesting to run some experiments on that presumption. At any rate, I’m just as happy that they choose not to hide. Why throw a tarp over an azalea in bloom?