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How to Develop Vice Grip Strength For MMA – Our 3 Top Tips

How to Develop Vice Grip Strength For MMA – Our 3 Top Tips

There are a variety of techniques that utilize grip strength in MMA. Whenever you attempt a submission, takedown, or are in the clinch, the last thing you want is for your grip strength to wear out before you successfully execute the move you are aiming for. Here are our 3 top tips for getting Vice Grip Strength for MMA.

Finger Strength.

You can have the biggest strongest arms in the world, but if your fingers can’t hold your arms together when you’re going for the take-down, you are going to be the only one going to the ground. Many submissions require good finger strength to be able to fully complete them.

Utilize individual fingers in a variety of exercises. Next time you are doing chins perform them with 4 fingers, no thumb, or even 3 fingers. Work your weaker fingers as you discover which ones hold there own better.

Pinch Strength.

Start developing your pinch grip to utilize in a number of situations you may be involved in. Pinching grip can be accomplished by holding to weight plates together for a specified amount of time. Start with 10 seconds, then 20 and then 30 seconds to begin.

Pinch strength is then increased by pinch width. Start holding 3 plates together and then 4.

Train Your Crushing Strength.

Crushing strength is the measure of how far you can squeeze a crush gripper.

You can treat them the same way you treat other lifting exercises. Perform 3 sets of 10 and then when that has gotten to easy, move up to the next level.

These are some grip training tips that you need to take into account to develop your MMA game. Of course these tips are only the beginning. A complete MMA strength and conditioning program would be of utmost importance for every area of your game.

So remember to work on:

Finger StrengthPinch Strength And Crushing Strength