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Kids Boxing – Learn Fitness While Staying Safe

Kids Boxing – Learn Fitness While Staying Safe

Boxing is more than punching someone, it is about pushing yourself to become fit, learning new skills and increasing your self-confidence. Boxing is about feeling better about yourself. In this article I will be focusing on learning boxing for fitness and self-confidence, however boxing can also be used to learn self-defense or to compete.

Before you read any further, you must know that boxing is a contact sport. In kids boxing, or fitness boxing, the contact in question is gloves against pads or bags. Punching correctly will not result in any injuries, if you have not learnt how to punch correctly then you might bend your wrist the wrong way when punching a bag or catching a thumb when hitting a pad.

Even though the boxing workouts on are aimed at kids, I want you parents to get involved. Not only is the fitness useful for you, it is also good for your kids to have you joining in and supporting them. Of course, I am assuming that your kids are not old enough to not want you to join in!

The main difference between the exercises for your children and yourself will be the number of repetitions. Boxing will help you and your child to become fitter, to have increased self-confidence and make you feel better about yourself. And you will learn new skills.

Increased fitness comes from having to exercise forgotten muscles and increasing stamina to finish a class. You will increase self-confidence by learning new skills, working together in a group, seeing the improvements and seeing your increased fitness and increased co-ordination

You will feel better about yourself by seeing these improvements: increased fitness, a more toned body and more energy. You will learn how to punch, how to move efficiently, new exercises and how to skip. You will need to learn focus as you have to concentrate on learning these new skills.

Having the other students in the same boat makes it a fun team atmosphere, everyone is working hard towards the same goal.

I hope that I have shown you that boxing is more than punching someone. Boxing is about pushing yourself to become fit, its about learning new skills. Boxing increases your self-confidence and makes you feel better about yourself. You do not need much boxing equipment to get started and it can only take only an hour, 3 times a week to see a difference.