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Piero Bid Farewell to Juventus Club And Fans

In the end of last month, the Serie giant Juventus legendary Piero in his twitter did farewell to the Old Lady, Piero ffectionately wrote: “I will always be with you.”

May 30 is a special day for Del Piero, because there is only one day left for his contract with Juventus. For it, Piero wrote in his official twitter: “Yes! From tomorrow on I will not be the player of Juventus. But it is not a sad moment for me, without any regret nor nostalgia. In these days, I reviewed all the things of Juventus that happened in last season and looked back upon the past and re-experienced the best dreams that I was able to have.”

In addition, Del Piero in the official website of Juventus said: “Some days ago, I emptied my wardrobe in Vinovo. And when I went out of the training ground, I stopped at the place where you were waiting for me to have photos with me, for signature of greeting. Regardless of snow, cold, hot of rain, we have been through the memorable time, and I thank you and salute you, as you did for me.”

“The player came and went but Juventus has never changed. There are my best friends here. I send my best wishes to them and I will always cheer for them. My fans are still here, you are Juventus. There still are Juventus football shirts I wore and love. I have a desire and respect for my Juventus shirt and have never betrayed it. I am very happy that someone will wear it after me. Since the names were printed on the Juventus shirts, the NO.10 Juventus shirt has belonging to me. I am so pleased that next season other will put it. I will be delighted watching someone from Italy or other countries put on it. I am proud of that you walk into my story, as I follow the other champions, the other idols and other legends.”

At last, Piero looked forward to the future: “Now I will begin a new journey and at the same time I will be ready enough as the summer of 19 years ago. Good bye, my dear friends and thanks for this.” But as for his future, he did not make it clear but the Italian media generally believe that Juventus feats veteran will go to the American League to spend his future life. But no matter he will go, we will wish he has a bright future.