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Prevent Obesity With This 1 Exercise

Prevent Obesity With This 1 Exercise

Preventing obesity is better than battling obesity once it has been established because an ounce of prevention is still better than a pound of cure. And since we are talking about pounds, preventing obesity is all about losing pounds, inches and body mass.

The only cure for obesity is to lose weight, period. But losing weight is a major task for many people that lead sedentary lives or eat more calories than they burn. This article will focus on exercises for sedentary people that carry around a lot of weight and do not have the energy level to perform major time consuming, exhausting, sweat breaking exercises.

Everyone knows that dieting can lose weight but many diets fail to tone and tighten muscle so even those that have lost weight with dieting still look sickly with sagging skin.

That is why I recommend exercise and the exercise that I recommend for obese and almost obese people is shadow boxing.

Shadow boxing can prevent obesity.

Never heard of shadow boxing before? Let me tell you that I personally have seen heavyweight boxers come into the gym needing to lose mandatory 40 or 50 pounds within a given time before their big fight.

The first workout they all do is shadow boxing. Why?

Because shadow boxing is the best warm up exercise to break a sweat and it has zero injuries.

Shadow boxing is throwing punches at your body image. It is usually done in a boxing gym in front of a mirror. However I personally like to do it in the mornings against my shadow on a empty wall.

The goal is to build stamina and create a warm, fat burning workout. Shadow boxing does not have to be long to be strong, in fact if a sedentary person that does not exercise at all can begin with 3 simple 1 minute rounds separated with a 30 second cool down between rounds will see benefits within the very first week.

Make the last 10 seconds of each round a hard core, high intensity, go all out type of workout, swinging with all your power and you will turn this simple easy exercise into a high intensity interval training that burns fat for hours even after the workout is over.

You do not have to worry about your boxing ability or stance or any technique when doing this exercise because the goal is to just start swinging and sweating.

You can add even more intensity to this workout by imagining you are hitting that bully or class clown who never seems to run out of jokes about you and your weight.

Motivation is a great asset and anything you can do to make yourself shadow box for 3 minutes with intensity is a plus that will turn your life and your weight around.

Shadow boxing not only prevents obesity but it has another added value. It will also build muscle, tighten loose flabby skin and give you a better physique that dieting by itself can do.

Listen carefully…