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Rally Driving Few Important Techniques

When we talk about motor sports, different types of car races come to our mind. Some prefer to see the car race in stadium, when a driver wins the race after completing the number of laps. While others prefer Rallying, which is much more exciting and challenging. Rally Driving or rallying is popular form of motor sport as it is run on unpredictable tracks and viewers have no idea that what sort of track will be waiting for driver on next turn. This keeps the interest and curiosity alive and people from every age group get attracted towards this form of race.

This driving is different from ordinary driving and like any other sport it also has few techniques. It is important to know and understand them for the drivers. But, if you know them as a viewer, the race will be more interesting for you. You will be able to understand the abilities of driver and his racing plan. You will also be able to predict that who is going to win a particular race. Here we are mentioning few basic techniques of the race; hopefully it will be a good addition in your information. Most of the techniques are related to keeping the speed of the car on the corners and sharp edges. In normal driving, we reduce the speed of car on turns, but in rallying one cannot do so. If he will reduce the speed on every corner, he will never be able to win the race, because it’s all about speed.

Handbrake turn is very popular technique in Rally Driving. It helps the driver to keep the speed on sharp corners of track. He pulls the handbrake quickly by pushing the button and without any further delay accelerates out of the corner. Many drivers get confused while applying this technique, but with regular practice one can do it perfectly. Another useful technique is left foot braking. This technique is very effective to maintain high speed at corners. By keeping the right foot on throttle, driver brakes with left foot and car over steers. If he feels that car is losing grip, he applies more brake and meanwhile speed out of the corner.

Drifting is the most common technique used by drivers to turn around a corner. Driver points the front wheels to the opposite direction of the turn and maintains the top speed. Drifting has many further categories like Scandinavian Flick. Spectators love the drivers when they take a turn by drifting their cars. Power sliding is considered as an easy technique, as new drivers can easily apply that. The driver has to release the throttle for a fraction of second, when he is tuning and he regains the control of his car after the turn.

Although different drivers prefer different techniques but one cannot apply all the techniques on every surface. For instance, Scandinavian Flick is applicable only on slippery surfaces like snow and one cannot apply it on dry tarmac.