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Rugby From Inception

According to legendary history, rugby match is a game that originated in 1823 from a town known as Rugby in England. The main event leading to the game occurs when a football player, William Webb Ellis, grabbed a football in his hand and ran with it during a local match. This was followed the initiation of the oval-shaped rugby ball in order to distinguish the sport from the round leather ball used in soccer. Within a short period of time, the game was receiving unprecedented popularity in an around Great Britain through the amusing display of skills by Club Rugby.

The popularity and acceptance of the game soon paved way for the Rugby Union Internationals with were played among the Home Unions (Ireland, Wales, England and Scotland). This later grew by including Italy and France to form the six nation’s competition that we have today. Without further delay, the era of colonization made it easy for the British Empire to set up the sport in their colonial territories by making use of the British Commonwealth. In furtherance to this is a resulting test matches that were organized between the Northern and Southern Hemisphere nations in the early 1900s in order to foster the cordial relationships among the nations.

Worldwide Acceptance

As at the time of the Second World War, the game of Rugby was dominated by South Africa, New Zealand and Australia, with the trio forming the rugby powers during the period. Meanwhile, there was a rapid increase in the number of international tours immediately after the wars due the inclusion of some nations that are still battling to get a proper hold of the game. These nations include Japan, Argentina, Tonga, Fiji as well as the nations of Samoa in the Pacific Island. By the dawn of 1980s, there was a mammoth call for the staging of a world rugby championship and this led to the opening 1987 rugby world cup hosted by New Zealand and Australia. This unleashed the professional reign of the rugby union with everyone looking forward next match de rugby (rugby match).

However, the introduction of the Southern Hemisphere Tri-nations Competition in 1996 changed the whole history of the rugby streaming game. This, alongside with the international super 12 competition played among some countries, has made everyone to be looking forward to watch the game of rugby live. As at 2011, the super 12 was expanded to super 15 with the inclusion of three more nations. Combining these competitions with several others such as the Heineken’s Cup, 7-aside rugby and so on is what made rugby a toast for its spectators and also bridging the gap between the super and lesser rugby powers.