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Should MMA Be Considered a Martial Arts Style?

Should MMA Be Considered a Martial Arts Style?

Mixed martial artists are athletes that combine different martial arts styles in order to become an all around fighter. Up until recent years there was no specific training for MMA and fighters had to train in different “dojos” in order to learn specific martial arts. But with more and more gyms offering specific training I’d say it is only right to say MMA is now an individual martial art style.

The training routine combines striking, grappling and ground work and despite each one of this techniques coming from well knows martial arts disciplines like wrestling, boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu they had to be adapted to MMA.

A triangle choke in MMA is no different then the triangle choke you learn in BJJ training but the ways to get to it are different. Same goes take downs, jabs and kicks, my point is that because it has an unique training routine that combines various martial arts it should know be considered a martial art on its own.

Take the Blackhouse/Team Nogueira Gym or American Top Team for instance, these are MMA focused training facilities that will transform you into a true mixed martial artist. They offer a weekly training schedule with BJJ, Muay Thai, Submission and MMA classes where you will learn specific skills to become an MMA fighter.

Most professional MMA fighters have a victorious background in a martial discipline. Take the Brazilians for instance they are either Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Muay Thai black belts and in some cases black belts in both disciplines. Anderson Silva anyone?

But the new generation of fighters that are on the brew will be labelled as mixed martial artists and not BJJ or Muay Thai fighters. Off course there will still be those fighter who are specialists in only one fighting style and learn the basics of MMA just to be able to defend themselves inside the octagon.

The other while watching UFC 133 I’ve hear Bruce Buffer introduce a fighter who unfortunately I can’t remember the name as a mixed martial artist and that was one of the main reasons that sparked the idea for me to write this article.

There is no doubt that from now anyone looking to become a professional MMA fighter will have to take specific MMA lessons in order to succeed. With more and more top guys retiring an opening gym devoted to MMA it is only natural that it becomes a fighting style of its own.

Even well know sports equipment manufacturers have turned their heads towards the sport and are now producing specific MMA equipment for training and competitions.