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Stay on Top With Mixed Martial Arts Techniques

Stay on Top With Mixed Martial Arts Techniques

Mixed Martial Arts Techniques are impressive to look at. It is in many ways more brutal than its various predecessors and this is especially true when it comes to submission moves. A lot of these moves come from the submission grappling technique. Some of the best practitioners can do this on their back and some even prefer doing it like that!

One thing it is important to remember when practicing this sport is that the rules are more relaxed. This means that knees and elbows can be employed as well as more standard punches and kicks, so this must be borne in mind when attempting a submission. So the best move is to use one that means they can not hit back.

For example, choke holds are often use to cut off the circulation. If you can apply it quickly, this is often very disconcerting to an opponent. If they care about their own safety, they will usually tap out very quickly! A triangle choke is a similar idea albeit using the legs to grip.

As the name suggests, this is about gripping people and forcing them to tap out. It is as much about the application of the technique as it is physical strength. If you practise it effectively you can often get in before your opponent, giving you the vital upper hand.

A good method especially for a larger martial artist is to get your knees on top of the belly of your opponent. This makes them much more vulnerable on the floor, allowing you to get your knee across their face. You should then grip the arm to the side, making it more difficult for the opponent to move and letting you get the submission.

Another move that is also common in wrestling is known as the Russian Tie. This is where you grab them by the arm, get them on their knees on the floor and have their arm gripped between your knees, pinching at the wrist. Make sure you use your shoulder for more leverage.

Learning the best techniques is very important. MMA has moved away from its early incarnation as a no holds barred event and so it is vital that you learn how to do this safely as well as effectively. In short, while instructional videos and websites are useful, it is still important to get professional tuition and training. Check online to find local martial arts organisations that teach MMA techniques.