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Street Smarts 101

Street Smarts 101

Do you know when you are about to be set up? Good street fighters and criminals can easily disarm you with a simple seemingly innocent question. They will appear to be in need only to lure you into their trap. Once you have fallen for their trap they have you right where they want you. Once you have fallen for this tactic what do you do next? How are you going to get yourself out of it safely.

Criminals know their craft. While you have been going to work, paying your bills and doing your civic duty, they’ve been honing their skills on the street. They have their skills down to a science. Most of them, about 80%, have been in jail before so against you the average law abiding citizen its no contest.

They also know who to target. They are not going to target a 6 foot 200lb man. The criminals are going to target a women who is alone or anyone who appears weak (according to them). Fortunately, knowing how to spot trouble is so simple that even the biggest couch commando can do it. You should follow a check list to see if the person you are approaching is friend or foe.

The first thing you should learn is that in order for anyone to impose their will on you, they must get close to you and there are only three ways to do that: he approaches you, you approach him or he uses his environment to get close to you. To do this, criminals use a technique called “fronting”. These tactics typically cause you to occupy both your eyes and your hands for a split second and that’s all a street wise thug needs. That is all they need to get you in the position that they want or need you in.

There are a variety of deceptions criminals use to distract you, but they can be easily avoided. After some self defense training the look in your eye is all you will need to scare even the worst thug off and make him pick another sorry sap who chose to stick his head in the sand and hope nobody bothers them. Always remember that it doesn’t matter who you are, how big you are or what sex you are somebody just might see you as a target.

Train Honestly

P.S. Always Remember, criminals are constantly thinking of way to get what they want from you, don’t get caught off guard. To avoid this stop watching and start training.