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The Book Wakeboard DVD

Before reviewing The book wakeboard DVD I thought to myself this DVD could be one of two things. A) it could turned out to be “another wakeboard instructional” that it seems have flooded the market in current times or, b) live up to its hype and become the king of all wakeboard instructionals, the “bible for wakeboarders” as such. High expectations could have led to harsh critisism, and soon after a bitter dissapointment, however this is not the case for this dvd series. Behold, the holy grail of wakeboarding has been found. Welcome the book wakeboard DVD.

I do not say this lightly however this would have to be hands down the best wakeboarding instructional currently on the market. From beginner to pro, it covers everything you would possibly want to know about wakeboarding over 8hrs of film spanning over 5 detailed dvds. With Kyle Schmidt, Ben Greenwood, Kurt Robertson, and Mike McLin as your instructors their breakdown of each component, from approach thru to landing of each trick will put your learning progression into overdrive and with to ability to ‘choose your instructor’, you are not gaining the training and advice from one proffesional, you are getting it from 4 of the best. For those that are new to the scene of wakeboarding, these names are some of the best coaches available and unlike alot of dvd instructionals these guys are professional coaches, not just professional riders. There is a difference between knowing how to ride and teaching someone to. The book also stars some of the best riders in the world including:

The book wakeboard DVD breaks each of its tricks into 5 discs, depending on skill level and type of trick with a steady progression in riding level from trick to trick. This is how they are broken down:

-Getting Started/Building A FoundationDVD Chapters:Intro, Edging Drills, Wake Slides, Heelside Jumps, Toeside Jumps, Board Control Drills, HS FS 180, HS BS 180, TS FS 180, TS BS 180, Grabs -Base InvertsDVD Chapters:Intro, Progressive Edge, HS Back Roll, TS Back Roll, HS Front Flip, TS Front Flip, HS Air Raley, TS Air Raley, Trip Flip Edge, Tantrum, TS Front Roll -SpinningDVD Chapters:Intro, On Axis Spins, HS FS 360, HS BS 360, TS FS 360, TS BS 360, HS FS 540, HS BS 540, TS FS 540, HS BS 720, TS FS 720, Off Axis Spins, HS FS OA 180, HS BS OA 180, TS FS OA 180, TS BS OA 180, HS FS OA 360, HS BS OA 360,TS FS OA 360, TS BS OA 360, HS FS OA 540, HS BS OA 540, TS FS OA 540, HS FS OA 720, TS FS OA 720, TS FS OA 900 -Intermediate InvertsDVD Chapters:Intro, HS Roll to Revert, HS Roll to Blind, TS Roll to Revert, TS Roll to Blind, HS Front to Fakie, HS Krypt, Tantrum to Fakie, Tantrum to Blind, Scarecrow, Tootsie Roll, Mobius, KGB, Pete Rose, Slim Chance, S-bend/Vulcan, 313, Whirlybird, Moby Dick, Crow Mobe, Dum Dum -Advanced InvertsDVD Chapters:Scarecrow, Tootsie Roll, Mobius, KGB, Pete Rose, Slim Chance, S-bend/Vulcan, 313, Whirlybird, Moby Dick, Crow Mobe, Dum Dum

Not only do these DVD’s come with comprehensive coverage of each trick, there are also many features that are unqiue from any other instructional dvd out there. These include:

Split-screen comparisons of:

Cutting edge digital animationOn the trampoline / On the waterRegular footed / Goofy footedTrick with grab / Trick without grabRider boat angle / Chase boat angleand more…

After reviewing the series myself, I wondered what other people thought about the book wakeboard dvd and the results did not suprise me. Although these results did not affect my opinion in any way or form, they support the fact that this dvd instructional is in a league of its own and if you are considering whether or not to purchase it, they may just convince you to part with your money. Here is one that I found:

“The Book is simply the best instructional ever isn’t just one crammed instructional DVD, this is an in-depth and detailed set of DVDs that breaks down tricks like never before. It also features groundbreaking digital work.Being able to see tricks in split screen with different stances or different styles of the trick is riding quality is also top notch with some of the best pros in the sport.” -Pat

The Verdict: The book wakeboard dvd is the best wakeboarding instructional on the market. if you are looking to improve your riding and sick of taking hard face plants in order to do it, buy this DVD series. You’ll be glad you did. It will probably be the last one you will ever need….