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The Power of the Jab

The Power of the Jab

Jab is one of the most common, or better, one of the most essential punches in martial arts.

Very simple, yet it can be very destructive. It is absolutely crucial to learn this punch to perfection. This should not be a problem since on average training you will do few hundreds of them anyway.

When throwing a Jab you should keep the thumb on the outside of the hand. If the thumb is tucked inside of your fist, you thumb can easily break when you punch. Also pay great attention to your foot work since it will add to the power of the Jab.

The use of Jab is great. Usually you can test your opponent’s reactions with it, fool your opponent and follow up with you stronger arm or leg kick. Keep your opponent at a safe distance. You can use a Jab in many combination’s, counter attack with it and most importantly, throw it many times from almost any position.

Well, since you now know how to attack with a Jab, you should also learn what to do when you are attacked with a Jab. Trust me, this will happen many times. You can slip or slip and throw a Jab back. You can also block with your other arm or move to your left/right side, or even better, you can counter attack with your Jab or simply move back. These are few simple ways of doing it.

How to do it right – quick tips

Keep your hands up and don’t lower your hand after punching. Keep your elbows close to you body, step in, punch and step out. Keep your thumb on the outside of your fist. Use your weaker hand for Jab and use your stronger arm for Cross punch. More about the Cross next time.

Remember, practice makes it perfect!