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Top 5 Ways To Build Muscle Fast

When building muscles fast, there are a few things you must understand. Although, working out is a big part of gaining muscles, you also must perform a few other basic steps as well. So, what I’m going to share with you are 5 ways to build muscle fast.

Before I dive into the top 5 ways of building quality muscles, I’ll like to tell you that while trying to put on size, you need to be consistent on your efforts and honest with yourself. Now that I’ve gotten that out the way, let’s go over the top 5 ways.


In order to put on muscle, you have to do the right exercises, or lifts, that will allow you to do that. The types of lifts you should focus on doing is compound lifts. These lifts consist of bench press, squats, military press, and deadlifts. These are the “mass building” lifts.

You should also do a few isolation lifts, such as bench flyes, tricep pulldowns, preacher curls, upright rows, and side lateral raises. And don’t forget to work on your abs, too.


In order to build muscle fast, you’ve got to be serious about your nutrition. It’s extremely important. You have to intake a lot of protein and carbohydrates (or carbs). You should consume at least 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight per day and at least 1.5 grams of carbs per pound of bodyweight per day.

An example of this would be if you weighed 170 pounds, you should consume at least 170 grams of protein per day and at least 255 grams of carbs per day.

A few foods you should add to your meal plan is steak, chicken breast, turkey, tuna, salmon, and eggs for protein. And for carbs you should eat pasta, oatmeal, fruits, rice, and potatoes.


You probably won’t get this information anywhere else, but you should consider taking supplements. One of the supplements you should consider taking is whey protein. It’s essential for building muscles fast. Also, you could take vitamins, amino acids, glutamine (an amino acid), and creatine.

These are great mass building supplements and will help you build muscle fast and safely.

Pre-Workout Meal

Pre-workout meal is important for muscle growth. You don’t want to hit the gym without properly fueling your muscles. So, before you workout, you should consume about 20-40 grams of protein (whey protein shake, tuna, chicken, or turkey) and about 40-60 grams of complex carbohydrates (apples, oatmeal, banana, or brown rice).

Post-Workout Meal

As noted above, supplements are important. So, post-workout is one of the most critical times when it comes to building muscles. Make sure you drink about 40 grams of whey protein (roughly 2 scoops) and about 50-80 grams of simple carbohydrates (baking potato, honey, powerade, or white bread with jelly).

Also, you should add some bcaa (amino acids), glutamine, and creatine to this power drink and consume it immediately after your workout.

These are the top 5 ways to build muscle fast. Make sure you eat, train hard, and rest. When you do, you’ll add on some serious muscle mass.