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Top Weights Exercise For Building Muscle: The Squat

Most weight-trainers would surely tell you that the most difficult, most intimidating and painful exercise for building muscle you could possibly do is the squat. In order for them to be performed properly they need huge amounts of discipline and willpower. Just perform a set of squats to failure and you?ll know exactly what I mean. Ultimately, squats are THE most effective, growth-stimulating weights exercise for building muscle that you can do.

Because of their high level of difficulty, they force your body to release higher amounts of testosterone and growth hormone. This will add more size and strength to your lower body than any other weights exercise for building muscle.

Similarly, your upper body benefits as well because of the increased secretion of hormones.

With this weights exercise for building muscle you will achieve a gain in strength with almost any other exercise you perform because it cases a “spillover” effect. A well-known fitness trainer has told me that, when he first began squatting to failure, he could increase his bench-press weight by 20 pounds almost immediately. Now that you’ve found a top weights exercise for building muscle, isn’t it enough reason to begin doing the squat?

The squat really brings results. If you are serious about weight training, you should experience the benefits of heavy squatting.

Now, the correct squatting technique:

For your safety, use device like a power rack or Smith machine to perform your squats. This will enable you to adjust the height at which you clear the bar, and you’ll have the safety pins to catch the bar should your muscles give way. Set the safety pins just below the depth at which you are squatting, and set the J-hooks at the level of your nipple.

Here?s the form you need to maintain during a squat:

? Your head should be pulled back, your chest raised, and you should have a slight arch in your lower back. Avoid leaning too far forward and keep looking straight ahead. Hold the bar at about the same width as with a bench press.

? Before you start clearing the bar, you need to position it evenly along your traps. It should rest on the lower part of your traps and on your rear delts. It should almost seem like the bar will roll off your back.

? After clearing the bar, you should only take as many steps back as is necessary. Since the majority of squat injuries happen while backing up, you should only step as far back as you need to.

? Place your feet about shoulder-width apart. Breathe deeply and descend. Imagine there is a chair behind you that you’re about to sit on. Make sure that your knees remain in line with your feet. Lower yourself until your thighs are parallel with the floor. As soon as you have reached this position, start ascending. Don’t relax in the bottom position!

? Use your heels and back to get yourself back up as soon as possible. When you are back in the upright position, breathe deeply and keep lifting until your set is complete.

Do 2 sets of 5 – 7 reps once every week. Keep trying to increase the weight and/or reps when you can. Train with diligence.

In a nut shell, the squat offers great benefits. Go ahead and take advantage of them. You’ll be amazed at your resulting muscle gains if you give this weights exercise for building muscle the respect it deserves.