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What is the Cause of Hypertension?

What is the Cause of Hypertension?

High blood pressure or medically termed as hypertension is considered as a silent killer. In general, it affects a lot of people globally. Usually, hypertension occurs without presenting signs and symptoms. However, if the pressure of the blood is very high, the patient may develop headache, blurred vision, dizziness, and bleeding of the nose. People usually learned that they have hypertension during routine blood pressure check-ups.

People who do not know that they have hypertension usually develop complications that affect the organs and can even develop other complications such as heart diseases, stroke, and even kidney failure.

When the body retains too much water, the blood volume in the heart, arteries, and veins are also increased, which causes increase in the pressure of the blood vessel and heart walls. There are also instances where in the heart beats too hard which causes increased blood pressure. Any of these situations can cause high blood pressure which can damage the blood vessels eventually.

In measuring the pressure in the blood, the unit of measure used is millimeters of mercury or mmHg. The blood pressure reading consists of systolic and diastolic pressure. The systolic pressure is the pressure in the blood vessels when the heart beats while the diastolic pressure is the pressure in between heart beats.

High blood pressure is considered as a disease of modern times. The foods that we eat, which are often rich in sodium and preservatives, are the ones that cause the increase pressure of the blood. The increase in the incidence of people developing hypertension is related to the increased intake of sodium rich foods which are readily available. Actually, these salts are retained in the body, which also traps water, leading to hypertension.

Therefore, it is advisable not to eat processed foods and foods that are rich in sodium. People who are busy often tend to resort to eating at fast food chains wherein foods are rich in sodium. It would be best to prepare your own meal to make sure that you are eating healthy and nutritious foods in order to prevent hypertension.

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