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Why You Must Wear Muay Thai Headgear in MMA

Why You Must Wear Muay Thai Headgear in MMA

You must wear muay thai headgear or some kind of boxing headgear if you are looking to start in MMA. MMA or Mixed Martial Arts is a full contact combat sport that is rapidly growing in popularity throughout the world. There is a number of benefits MMA has over a lot of other martial arts including:

* Killer Effective Techniques

* One Of The Most Effective Form Of Self Defense

* The Best Fighting Strategies

A Brief History of MMA

It all began in 1993 when the Gracie family decided to put on a competition to find out finally which was the most effective martial art. They had been traveling the country previously and challenging many ‘Guru’s’ that were running various martial art schools. The most interesting part is that they were not just beating their competitors, they were winning in under 3 minutes and without a touch of blood being spilt.

Today they has been an explosion in popularity in this contest and in 2006 new records were set when two of the top fighters Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz came head to head and grossed the highest box office record in PPV for any kind of boxing event that had gone previously. It goes without saying that MMA is here to stay and it will only get better and better.


There are 3 disciplines that you must master if you are going to get good in mixed martial arts. The first is known as ‘Striking’. This is the part of the fight that is fought on the feet. Styles like Muay Thai Boxing, Kickboxing and other striking styles will need to be mastered if you want to compete.

The second is known as ‘The Clinch’. This is were the fighters are still on the feet however they are grappling and fighting for control using pummeling and strikes. This is were take downs take place that brings us to the last discipline.

‘Ground Fighting’ is how the MMA competition started in the first place with the Gracie family. It has been described like chess on the floor with lots of intricate techniques and use of leverage to put your opponent in a inferior position.


As this is a very dangerous sport it is important that you are well protected from injury. The most important is your head. Bangs to the head are the biggest cause of brain damage in fighters. Some kind of leather headgear or fairtex muay thai gear should be worn at all times in training and sparring sessions. In recent years MMA muay thai techniques such as elbow strikes have been taken out because they are still to dangerous.

It is always best when starting anything new to think of safety first and make sure you get the right protection.