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Common Mistakes in Bench Press and How to Fix Them


The bench press is a staple exercise in any strength training routine, but it’s also one that’s commonly performed incorrectly. Making mistakes during the bench press not only compromises your gains but can also lead to injuries. In this article, we’ll delve into some of the most common mistakes people make when performing the bench press and provide actionable tips on how to fix them.

Improper Grip

One of the most frequent mistakes in the bench press is an improper grip. Some lifters grip the bar too wide, while others grip it too narrow. Both can lead to decreased power output and shoulder strain. The fix? Aim for a grip that places your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. This grip allows for optimal power generation while minimizing stress on the shoulders.

Lack of Stability

Another common mistake is a lack of stability during the bench press. This often manifests as the lifter’s body shifting or wobbling during the movement. To address this issue, focus on bracing your core and engaging your leg drive throughout the lift. Plant your feet firmly on the ground, squeeze your glutes, and maintain tension in your entire body from head to toe.

Bouncing the Bar Off the Chest

Bouncing the bar off the chest is a mistake that not only reduces the effectiveness of the exercise but also increases the risk of injury. When you bounce the bar, you’re essentially using momentum to lift the weight rather than relying on your muscles. Instead, aim for a controlled descent, pause briefly when the bar touches your chest, and then press it back up explosively.

Lifting Your Head Off the Bench

Lifting your head off the bench during the bench press is a common error that can compromise your spinal alignment and stability. Keeping your head on the bench ensures that your neck stays in a neutral position, reducing the risk of strain or injury. Focus on fixing your gaze on a point on the ceiling throughout the lift to help maintain proper head position.

Arching the Lower Back Excessively

While some arch in the lower back is natural and can help increase stability during the bench press, excessive arching can lead to hyperextension and potential back issues. To prevent this, focus on maintaining a slight arch in your lower back without overextending. Engage your core muscles to help support your spine and keep your lower back in a safe and stable position.

Neglecting Proper Breathing Technique

Proper breathing technique is crucial for maximizing performance and safety during the bench press. Many lifters hold their breath or breathe inconsistently throughout the movement, which can lead to decreased oxygen intake and diminished performance. Focus on taking a deep breath before lowering the bar, holding it briefly at the bottom, and then exhaling forcefully as you press the weight back up.


By addressing these common mistakes and implementing the corresponding fixes, you can improve your bench press technique, reduce the risk of injury, and maximize your strength gains. Remember to focus on proper form, stability, and breathing throughout the movement to ensure optimal results. With practice and attention to detail, you’ll be well on your way to mastering the bench press and achieving your fitness goals. Read more about tips for better bench press