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Fly High In The Radio Controlled Jets

If you love speed and possess confidence like of a professional pilot, then you might consider of flying a radio controlled jet. The radio controlled jets also called as the RC jets, whether electric or gas powered, are the astounding radio control flying experience when you are seeking to fulfill that need for high speed.

Gas turbine radio controlled jets

The gas turbine radio controlled jet is the latest addition in the world of radio controlled jets. Earlier it was used in form of a rocket plus its ride was very short. At present, its sound presents a real jet like feeling. When it comes to fueling, the jet is fueled via kerosene, particularly made for radio controlled jets. The fuel is ignited in the combustion chamber that is then moved forward via a huge series of blades within the turbine.

The gas turbine radio controlled jet comes in single engine and twin engines as in impressive four engines. Since the gar turbine RC jet is almost real, thus there cost value is a bit high. The large-scale gas RC jets sound and look startlingly real while flying and an adequately fabricated scale model is extremely exciting to notice in action. The best example of a gas turbine RC jet is F14 Tomcat.

Electric ducted fan radio controlled jets

The EDF or the electric ducted fan radio controlled jet is the finest model to experience real jet flying ride. It is a tinny yet extremely powerful unit, which incorporates a propeller with various blades, known as impeller, rotating at impressive RPM revs/minute. Since, the impeller whirls at very fast speed and entire air consumed by impeller is pushed via little funnel shaped part, the electric ducted fans produce loads of thrust, hence allows the jet to fly at a very fast speed.

Since the model does not contain fuels, because of a moderate temperature, keeps away the jet from being spoilt or damaged early. The best example of this kind of jet is E-flite F-15 Eagle.

Pusher radio controlled jets

The pusher RC jets incorporates a propeller affixed at the jet’s rear end to assist push it via the air. This model is the slowest jet among all. If it is your very first step to drive a RC jet, it is the best option to consider.

If flying the electronic ducted fan or gas turbine radio controlled jets is not possible, try the models with normal two stroke glow plug engine or electric motor without brush. Admittedly, the sound and look are not truly realistic, but every required flight characteristic generally resembles a jet. Hanger 9 F-22 Raptors PTS trainer is the finest example of this.

Flying any kind of radio controlled jet is definitely an adrenalin filled and mesmerizing experience. You can pick from serious RC jets or the entry level models according to your suitability. The electronic technology improving in quality and lessening in cost, many radio controlled jets will be accessible for offering realistic jet flying experience.