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Hgh Injections An Overview

Most people know that Human Growth Hormone can be given artificially in the form of injections. The human growth hormone which is produced naturally in the body is called Somatotropin and the synthetic one that is used for injection is called Somatropin. Enough researches have been done to prove the efficiency of HGH injection. For decades, HGH injections are in use and all the major pharmaceutical companies are making Human Growth Hormone for HGH injections. Initially, human growth hormones were developed for children with abnormal growth. This condition was due to the lack or insufficient secretion of human growth hormone in the pituitary gland. So doctors believe that administering HGH by injections will help in improving their condition. This is the primary reason, HGH injections still exist and they are being used.

For certain period of time, HGH injections were prohibited in USA. Administering HGH injection was considered illegal. So if someone wants to use it, they have to get it illegally from other countries. This is because the safety of synthetic human growth hormone injections seems to be a major concern. But later, administering HGH injection has become legalized but it has to be used only with the doctor?s prescription. As Human Growth Hormone has an extraordinary influence on one?s growth and in his stamina, some athletes started abusing the HGH injections. Their effects are similar to anabolic steroid but it could not be detected easily in urine drug tests. If you are using HGH injections without doctor?s prescription, there will be a higher chance for you to become a victim of its side effects. Some of its serious side effects include higher risk of cancer, liver damage, fluid retention, painful joints, enlarged breasts in males etc.

HGH injections are to be taken on a daily basis or even many times a week. In order to get the injection, you have to visit your doctor everyday who has prescribed HGH injection. Some doctors might prescribe self administration and they will guide you in doing it yourself. As this is as simple as diabetic patients do, you can do it by yourself. The tiny and fine needles and syringes make self administration very easy. But this is the most expensive drugs and its cost ranges from $800 to $3000 per month. Some of the high quality brands in US cost more than other brands.

Human Growth Hormone used for injection is actually a powder and it has to be reconstituted with bacteriostatic water before injection. After reconstitution it remains stable only for a short duration of time. It has to be stored in cool place and that is why refrigerating HGH powder is very essential. Though HGH injections are given, one cannot expect to get the complete benefits of human growth hormone. As it is the synthetic one, it should be administered only as a last effort. Eminent doctors will prescribe only non-injectable HGH products to increase the secretion of human growth hormone naturally and safely.