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Leopoldo Lares Banorte Believes Sports Activity Helps With Survival

For Leopoldo Lares Banorte, it is important to engage your child in sports activities as this will help him/her in the long run. First of all, when the child is engaged in any sport, he/she could be proud with his/her achievements. Sports activity helps in enhancing the drive for survival of an individual as it helps develop your character. A child is developing his/her character as he/she grows older, which is why Leopoldo believes that this is the best time to expose the child to a sport whom he/she will love.

Being involved in a sport will help the child learn about new things which they could then use for his/her actions towards others. He believes that children who are trained properly become better persons because they are not just being trained to be good in the sport, but it also develops their character. Once the child knows about the success and disappointments in a game, they could use this to handle their own challenges in life. Leopoldo believes that this will develop a strong personality and the right attitude towards life.

Leopoldo Lares Banorte loves children, and he loves the game of soccer. He wants to share his learning to children about soccer by coaching the young soccer fanatics about the proper way to play the game. He considers the soccer playing field as the world and whatever you do in the field will determine whether you will win, or you will lose. It is a very difficult sport who is very physical and demanding which he can relate to how life is also like. For him, he wants to teach children who no matter how difficult the game can be. They can surpass it by being braved to face them. He tells the children that they will experience having problems in their lives, and if they won’t face the problems, then they won’t experience the freedom from it. You also need to face the consequences of your actions similar to a misstep in the playing field. You also have to learn from your mistakes if you want to be a better person and a better soccer player.

For Leopoldo Lares Banorte, it is important than soccer coaches know their importance in the lives of these children. They won’t just act as a soccer coach, but they can inspire the kids to become better individuals by citing as a good example and teaching them good values that they could use later in life. Leopoldo is also teaching his kids how to play the game of soccer, and he’s also able to teach them good values. He is a proud father and coach of his children, and he knows that they’d become good adults as well.