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Yamaha Jet Ski Review

Yamaha Jet Ski has been building personal water crafts since the mid 80s. Being market leaders in the motor sport industry it was a natural progression for them to move into personal water crafts. Taking the knowledge and technical ability they were known for in the design and production of powerful motorbikes they started creating stylish, super fast and powerful personal water crafts. Working intently to produce powerful and fast personal water crafts and to become a market leader Yamaha had a sound background on which to build.

Initially Yamaha specialised only in the sit down version of jet ski their first being the WaveRunner 500. Later Yamaha produced the WaveJammer 500 which was renowned for its agility and speed and allowed more freedom with its small hull and fixed steering column. The WaveJammer set the standard for today?s sit down PWCs and other manufacturers went on to follow Yamaha?s lead.

The WaveRunner 3 was introduced in the 90s and was the first sit down PW that was design to take passengers, seating up to 3 adults it was a larger machine but made up for its size with a high-performance engine which was capable of achieving great speeds. Yamaha stood out from the rest of the manufactures in their ability to build large powerful PWC which have become increasingly in demand as the sport opens up to families and groups.

Yamaha also produced stand up jet skis ? the Super Jet 650 which provided the freedom needed for freestyle jet skiing and competitions. They also experimented with different styles such as the WaveBlaster 700 that rode like a motor bike. Yamaha turned out many different styles of personal water craft and jet ski accessories throughout the 90s showing off new features and abilities as the sport developed.

The WaveRunner GP 1200 was brought to market with one of the most powerful engines available in 1997 and Yamaha placed itself as a market leader in the PWC industry.

Yamaha have come a long way since the first personal water craft and by the incorporation of technology from their motor sport production they have set the standard within the personal water craft industry. Yamaha have built a solid reputation for performance, style and affordability.