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Boxing Shoes – Everything You Need to Know

Boxing Shoes – Everything You Need to Know

Boxing shoes just may be the most important pieces of equipment that a boxer owns. The perfect pair of these shoes will be lighter than air, ventilated properly so that your feet do not over heat or sweat too much, and offer the right amount of ankle support and traction for your feet. If there is a breakdown in any of these areas, your shoes could actually cause you to lose a boxing match.

Most of these shoes are made from a combination of butter soft leather, suede, and rubber soles to keep you from sliding around in the ring while doing your boxing footwork. Something else that boxing shoes offer is mesh windows on all sides of the shoes to enable your feet to breath properly. In that way, your feet do not produce so much sweat that it feels like your feet are swimming in lukewarm water.

Depending on what sort of boxing you are into, there are low top, mid top, and high top shoes available. Most of the time, serious boxers, kick boxers, and martial arts students prefer the high tops as these offer more in the way of ankle support. They are laced up the shins in order to keep them firmly in place. For working out, low top boxing shoes should work just fine.

While boxing is typically considered to be a man’s sport, more and more women are becoming interested in it and even have their own boxing matches with each other. Therefore, manufacturers now have lines of shoes for women who are into the sport. Just remember, though, whether you are a male or female boxer, always try the shoes on in the store before buying them. Walk around the store, do some of your boxing footwork. Unless they feel absolutely perfect, put them back and try again.