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The Basics of Muay Thai Fighting

The Basics of Muay Thai Fighting

Majority of professional MMA fighters make use of Muay Thai as their number one method of striking their opponents. The main reason why most fighters prefer to learn Muay Thai is because of its devastating strikes compared to other martial arts. It has both punches and kicks that a fighter should learn in order to become professional fighter. If you want to learn all the methods of Muay Thai fighting, then this article will help you to gain more information about the style of fighting. If you want to be trained and be good in Thai Boxing, then it would be very helpful if you could go to a Muay Thai camp in Thailand to learn this martial art. The following are basic moves that can really help first time students like you.

• Stance- the stance in Muay Thai is larger compared to traditional boxing. A Thai boxer stance should be squarer against his opponents together with their shoulder within the same line. This kind of stance in Thai Boxing is allowed because of the kicks. It is important for you to block the kicks from your opponents. The stance that you need to learn is simple. You just need to stand with feet shoulder width apart and you need to slightly bend your knees. For right hander fighters, you need to step your left leg forward and for left hander fighters, you need to step your right leg forward. Stance is one of the first Muay Thai lessons that you need to learn.

• Punches- when it comes to punches, you need to start using your legs especially your back leg. To be able for you to get true power, you need to push off your back leg in order to throw powerful punches. It is important to always keep your hands up all the time when you are throwing punches. Muay Thai training on Koh Samui will help you acquire all the skill that you need for fighting.

• Straight punch/jab across- jab is a type of punch that is called a straight punch using your lead hand. If you are a right hander, you need to throw jab using your left leg that is slightly forward, then twist your body and throw straight left directly to the face of your opponent. It is the opposite for the right hander fighter. It is important to always make sure that you get your balance to avoid the attack of your opponent.

• Hooks- the power that you need for your hook will come from the hips and the technique that you have. The part of the body that will give power to the hook is your hips and body torque. The technique lies on the hands and the right positioning of your arm. It is important to always keep your elbow at the same height or a little lower than your hands to maintain the power and to avoid injury as well.

Muay Thai martial arts will give you the power and the confidence that you need as a fighter once you learn all the methods and techniques that you need.