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Boxing Shoes – Things You Should Know

Boxing Shoes – Things You Should Know

Boxing shoes bear a strong similarity to running shoes; however, they rarely have any support on the bottom of the foot. They are constructed of lightweight leather so that boxers can move quickly when in the boxing ring. Instead of treading, these shoes have non-slip soles that allow boxers to get a grip on the floor of the ring. Available in various sizes and colors, they also come in low tops or high tops with laces that tie up to the shin.

Typically made from leather or suede, low tops are shoes that are ankle high. They look a lot like normal running shoes except that they have straps that offer support to the lateral arches of the feet. This is done for maximum safety. These boxing shoes might have soles made of rubber with a slip free pattern that aids in sharp cuts and strong footholds. They are available in different sizes and colors for both women and men.

If you are a serious kick boxing or martial arts student, you may be more interested in purchasing high top shoes. These are laced up to the shins and usually constructed of all leather. This is to ensure the most comfort and ventilation. They offer great lateral support which assists boxers to perform side to side and front to back movements easily. Most have non-slip rubber soles to provide maximum traction. This compensates for the lack of tread on the boxing shoes. They usually have laces but some use ankle straps made of Velcro to ensure the highest amount of security.

Be careful that you buy shoes that fit you well. Try a pair on before committing to them and then walk around the store in them. This is the best way to figure out what type is the best for you. Also be sure to buy shoes made from more breathable material. Leather shoes may be more expensive but it does offer the more breathable material. For the budget conscious, synthetic shoes are available that offer plenty of ventilation for a lesser price.