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Boxing Workouts – Working the Bags

Boxing Workouts – Working the Bags

Using the heavy bag will help you work your punches, and it also is helpful in relieving stress. Working the heavy bag is a full-out anaerobic activity. This can work like a stress antidote. Punching combination’s done at a fast pace will require you to be extremely focused. Your mind will be pulled away from negative thoughts. This exercise can help you eliminate some of the byproducts of stress.

Drills on the heavy bag also make you push your way through your threshold. They wipe you out temporarily, and you will feel spent. Your muscle tension will ease as you relax after your heavy bag workout. You may feel rejuvenated. The pace can also cause changes in your brain by causing a release of serotonin, which contributes to satisfaction and relaxation.

Working the heavy bag also activates every major muscle group, and they all work together while you are working the bag. It will help you build coordination, timing, balance, power and functional speed.

Start any punching exercise with your basic combination’s of punches. As you increase your anaerobic stamina, your skill will improve, and you can extend your rounds to make them a little longer.

Strive to keep punching the whole time you’re training with any of your boxing workouts that include one of the bags. This will help you to optimize your workouts to their fullest benefit. You may be amazed, if you’re a beginner, that your heart rate will accelerate and your legs, obliques, shoulders and arms will run out of gas.

The speed drill will develop anaerobic endurance. Throw your punches as fast as you can. When doing combination’s, use a minimum of four punches.

The inside drill will help you develop stamina and inside power. Get in close with uppercuts and hooks.

Outside drills develop staying power and footwork. Make sure you circle in both directions. Throw your combination and then move quickly. Jab and circle, and throw your straight punches and jabs in combination’s.

Circle the opposite way of the way that comes most naturally to you. To develop change-up ability, endurance and coordination, mix in combination’s and throw jabs.

Work for an entire round using only your jab. Use triple and double jabs, too. Mix feints in. Move in every direction. This round of your boxing workouts will develop coordination, stamina and quickness.