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Monitoring Your Boxing Weight

Monitoring Your Boxing Weight

Boxers obviously need to eat properly in order to maintain muscle strength and provide sufficient energy. As a result, they require a nutritious diet which will provide them with high enough levels of energy to last throughout tough training schedules and the entire duration of a an actual bout.

Unlike most other sports though, whilst a boxer needs muscle and power behind them, they are also limited by the restrictions of their particular weight class.

Boxer’s aim to be at the top end of their allowable weight limit to maximize strength and energy, so it’s crucial that they have the correct diet to provide enough energy to undertake intensive training sessions, whilst staying within their weight limit come fight time.

Ideally, fighters should try and stay to within about 5% of their ideal fighting weight during their training, in order to avoid having to lose weight quickly as a fight approaches. Many boxers find that part difficult though – Often because they have the urge to binge eat in the days after a fight to regain what they’ve lost, so their weight obviously rises, then the Yo-Yo effect begins….Weight rises after a fight, then they have to diet to make “the weight” for their next fight.

OK so the ideal solution to this is obviously NEVER into get to the position where you have to quickly lose weight in the days prior to a weigh-in under ANY circumstances, as dramatic crash diets before a fight will often result in much reduced levels of performance.

If you are in the unfortunate situation of having to lose weight quickly though, there is no really easy way to lose that extra weight without adversely affecting your performance in the ring…

Your best hope is…..

In the two to three days prior to competition, avoid excessive salt intake to cut down on fluid retention.

Adopting a low residue diet for the last 24 hours before competing will help to reduce weight further, as it empties the gut of undigested food and fibre. That alone can amount to a pound or two

Some low-residue foods are – Corn Fakes, Rice Krispies, White Bread, Jam, Honey, Juice, Low-fat Milk, Tinned Fruit, Jam, Clear Soup, White Pasta, White Rice, Tomato Based Pasta Sauce, Meal Replacement Shakes.

Sweat/Sauna Suits

Many of us already know that much of your body weight is made up of fluids, including approx – 75% of the brain – 85% of the blood – 90% of the lungs.

Using a sauna or a sweat suit will sure help reduce your weight quickly……Unfortunately, unless you are used to being dehydrated and fighting or training under those conditions, it can have a very adverse effect on you during the bout.

Rubber, plastic and vinyl sweat suits can actually be very harmful as your core body temperature will quickly rise to an extremely high and often dangerous level as water and electrolytes drain from the body, without permitting the body to breathe. This also has the added danger of greatly increasing the stress on your heart.

Yeah many boxers and other athletes do use sweat/sauna suits for rapid weight loss, but unless you are VERY careful it can have a very negative effect on your performance and even your health, as all you are basically doing is dehydrating yourself. If you chose to go down this route though, take plenty CHO-electrolyte drinks during training to help minimize the risks.

Unfortunately, it’s taken a few deaths to make people sit up and take notice of the dangers.

So keep a close eye on your weight, and avoid sweat suits if you value your health!!