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Boxing Training – Using Music to Boost Your Workout Potential

Boxing Training – Using Music to Boost Your Workout Potential

Boxing is about agility, strength, and endurance. It is about perseverance and strength of character, but most of all it is about will, the will to win and the will to live. It brings out the strongest in the human spirit. Perhaps, that’s why the world fell in love with Rocky Balboa, because he stood for something and he refused to give in. And in that time of his darkest hour, and ultimate adversity he refused to quit, he took a beating and kept coming back.

Americans identify with this, because we are a proud culture of fighters, we are the strong and the proud. Our ancestors came here from other places to build a better life and so they did. We are the offspring of that great group of people, and we will never forget that. Thus, we watch boxing with awe, and we realize how much these fighters go through, as they train every day until they can’t stand up anymore.

They do it day after day, year after year all in the quest to be the best. But each fight is different and each fight could be their last. It’s a high-stakes game with big rewards and big risks. A fighter must be committed and he must get through those grueling workouts. One way that the fighters are able to get through all that conditioning is the use of music during their workouts.

Each day they will run to music, each day they will spar to music, each day they will hit the weights and workout music. It helps them get through the day, it helps them to find out who they are, and the music they choose to play is very much a part of their essence, their spirit, their drive, and their ambition to win because that’s what boxing is about. Please consider all this.