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How Time Boxing Helps Increase Income

How Time Boxing Helps Increase Income

Time boxing is one of the best time management techniques there is. It allows you to make better use of your time as you are able to set deadlines or time stretches wherein you focus on you tasks. This technique also helps you be on top of your tasks because you can schedule your tasks for your whole day in terms of the time you intend to work on them. This way, you are able to work more productively and get to do a lot of work in a day, thus helping you increase your income. In short, the technique gives you the opportunity to use your time more efficiently. And since you are able to be more efficient of your time, more can be done within your work hours.

More can be done within your work hours; you are also sure of the quality of your work within the time box since you are required to focus on each task within the time you have set up to work on them. And once you’ve mastered the technique, you will not only be time efficient but you will also be highly productive. Getting a lot of things done in a timely manner and at the right time will surely increase your income.

When you have already been successfully using time boxing in your work, and even in your personal life, you will find that you are able to predict the amount of time you will need to work on familiar projects. This is a good thing as you will be able to set a fixed deadline for the projects and will be able to finish them on time. This makes you a highly reliable worker and will make your work performance a standout. Now everyone knows that an employee or worker that is highly reliable, efficient, and productive is sure to get the boss’s or client’s attention in a good way. This will pave the way for you to a better compensation or rate for your work, thus increasing your income.

And finally, as you become an expert in time boxing, you will be able to take in more projects. This is related to what was discussed above about the technique being able to help you predict the amount of time you will need on certain familiar or similar projects. If you can successfully manage your time and are able to finish you projects at a shorter stretch of time and with optimum quality, then you can assess and determine how many projects you can manage.