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A Basic Womens Boxing Training Workout for Losing Weight

A Basic Womens Boxing Training Workout for Losing Weight

Boxing is an intense sport that requires its participants to be in the best physical condition that their body can offer, in order to make it through several grueling bouts with an equally powerful opponent. To reach this level of physical strength each boxer is put through a specifically designed training session that quickly turns them into a muscle-bound fighting machine and helps to put their bodies into its peak physical condition just before a match. Originally only seen as a useful training regime for boxers, a number of fitness professionals have realized the amazing potential that this type of workout has for general weight loss and muscle growth. Fitness boxing is now an internationally popular form of exercise practiced at homes, in gyms or in parks by a wide range of women wanting to shed a few pounds in a short period of time.

Why is women’s boxing training so effective?

The main two reasons why women’s boxing training has exploded into such a popular form of exercise is because, ‘one’ it is a high intensity form of exercise that eats away fat over a very short period of time and ‘two’ it only requires an hour or less of your time each day to be effective. The training is relatively simple yet it combines a wide rage of cardio and aerobic workout forms; so you could go from jogging to cycling to shadow boxing in a single session lasting just one hour. Each burst of exercise lasts just over a minute with about 40 seconds of rest in between and then it’s on to the next routine. It is these very quick and intense spurts of physical activity that make women’s boxing training so effective; by fusing several forms of exercise together, it keeps the heart rate up and ultimately allows your body to keep losing weight long after you have finished your workout.

A usual women’s boxing training session

The main difference between a regular training session used by professional and amateur boxers compared with boxing for exercise is that much of the heavy punching of bags and pads has been excluded; also fitness boxing lasts for a much shorter time period. To give you a better idea of what women’s boxing training involves, here is an outline of a standard workout session:

Warm up:

Start with about 30 minutes of simple jumping jacks, toe touches or a combination of both

Session 1: ‘Shadow Boxing’

Alternate between punching with your left and right arms, either into the air or with pads for 6 minutes

Session 2: ‘Jump Rope’

Exercise with a standard jump rope using various techniques for 3 minutes

Session 3: ‘Strength Training’

Alternate between 5 different types of strength training exercises, such as push-ups, stomach crunches or squats

Session 4: ‘Finish Off’

Use a range of stretches and light physical activities to slowly cool the body down and bring your body back to normal before ending the session