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Reduce Mosquitos the Natural Way

Nothing is better than a natural, chemical-free method of reducing mosquitos. One such way is with native-Florida, mosquito-larvae eating fish.

Florida’s Mosquito Problems

Because Florida boasts so many lakes, ponds, and marshes, mosquitos can be a big problem. Not only do their bites itch like crazy, but some of them can be bearers of disease as well. These diseases can affect animals as well as horses and other animals. Mosquito-born diseases in Florida include West Nile virus, St. Louis encephalitis, and Eastern Equine encephalitis. Because of this, Floridians are always looking for as many ways as possible to make their surroundings less appealing to these difficult-to-live-with insects.

Mosquito fish to the Rescue!

Because they only need a bit of standing water to breed, many species of mosquitos are abundant in Florida. They breed by laying their eggs in water, which subsequently hatch into mosquito larva. The little wrigglers are the principal food of the South Florida native, Gambusia holbrooki, otherwise known as the Mosquitofish. Thes small  (1.5 to 2 inches long) guppy-like fish can eat a prodigious amount of pesky mosquito larvae.

Mosquitofish live in shallow water where mosquitos like to breed. They are extremely hardy. An adult mosquitofish can eat up to 100 larvae or more each day! These useful fish breed well and bear their young live, just like guppies. Each adult female mosquitofish can produce up to 100 new ones every 6 weeks.

If you are looking for an effective natural way to rid your environs of mosquitos, then seek out fish stocking Sarasota FL. After you obtain your fish, quickly take them home and stock your waterways – or have the service do it for you. In no time, nature will take its course and your mosquito population will be in decline, in an ecologically friendly way.