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3 Fundamental Prep Areas for Pistol Shooting Competitions

Entering yourself in exhibition shooting matches is a way to take your training efforts to another level. Competition shooting develops advanced pistol handling skills, but it also provides a unique adrenaline rush and thrill. Gun owners with action pistol experience tend to display some of the safest and most skilled techniques in the industry. Before you can enter an action pistol competition, there are few things to know.

Consider the Guns

Sport shooters spend a lot of money on customer handguns, outfitting them with anything from a Glock competition trigger to an elaborate hand grip. There are specific divisions that group competition according to the operating characteristics of the gun, as well as ammunition capacity. You will get assigned to the correct grouping when you sign up for a competition.

Have Plenty of Ammunition

You will use up a lot of ammo when you are in an action pistol competition. At a minimum, you may be using up to 100 rounds in a club level International Defensive Pistol Association match. Higher-level competitions could see up to 150 rounds discharged. Matches have announcements posted with the minimum round count. However, add a cushion of another 20% to be safe.

Purchase the Right Gear

During the competition, a competitor must have a holster and the ability to carry the spare ammunition needed for reloading during the course of fire. There are several gear options prohibited from competition uses, such as cross-draw, shoulder holsters, appendix, fanny packs, pocket holders, and small-of-the-back gear. The holster must be an outside the belt hip with a cover over the trigger guard. The competition you enter will have clear instructions on what you may and may not use. You will also have to carry your magazine or revolver speedloaders. The requirements for carrying depend on the competition you register for.

These are three areas of preparation you need to make when entering a pistol competition. The rules and requirements take some getting used to, but you will improve your performance over time.