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The Art of Beat Boxing – A Guide For Beginners

The Art of Beat Boxing – A Guide For Beginners

Whether you’d like to believe it or not, there are only three basic sounds you have to master when it comes to the art of beat-boxing. The three necessary sounds you must master are the bass drum, snare, and high-hat.

Lets start off with the bass drum…

1. The Bass Drum

Just as in an real performance, the bass is what drives the beat of the music. This is essential when you are just starting out learning how to beat-box. The bass drum sound is what really gives beat-boxing its real art and entertainment. Without it, you are lost and the music is gone. To create this sound, simply put your lips together and create a block of air behind your lips as if you are getting ready to blow a bubble with bubble gum. Once you have this block of air, simply blow the bubble and you’ll create the first basic sound, the bass.

2. The Snare

The snare is to be sync with the bass. It’s what helps keep the beat alive along with the bass. In other words, the snare plays off of the beat of the bass and visa versa. To create the snare, put the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth where the roof of your mouth and your two front teeth meet. Once in place, widen your mouth like you are giving someone a fake smile. [A fake smile is the kind of smile you give to someone who thinks you like them when you really don’t:-) ].

Now, the middle of your tongue rises to the center part of the roof of your mouth while inhaling at the same time creating suction between the roof of your mouth and the middle of your tongue. Once you have this suction, free the center of your tongue from the roof of your mouth and the end result ought to be a brisk sounding snare drum-like sound.

Note: The tip of your tongue never moves from the top of your mouth during this full procedure.

3. The High-Hat

The high-hat is what keeps the rhythm of the bass and snare. It leads the beat along as if it were the director’s stick at a symphony performance. To create the high-hat sound, simply put your teeth together and make a “T” sound as if you are going to say the word “tomorrow”.

Once you have mastered these three basic sounds, all you have to do is put them concurrently into a very simple and basic beat. Once you do, you’ll have your friends and family thinking you are some sort of beat-box guru. I hope this helps you in becoming a master beat-boxer and I know you’ll strive for the ultimate in beat-box success. If you need some inspiration to help you along the way, I recommend that you have a listen to Felix Zenger. Undoubtedly any search at YouTube is bound to provide a variety of impressive results that will motivate you to excel.