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Different Types of Boxing Gloves

Different Types of Boxing Gloves

By picking a right pair of boxing gloves you can protect your hand and wrist from injuries. It is very important for a boxer to protect himself from injuries. If he does not, it will affect his performance. Different types of gloves are as follows:

7 and 8 oz Bag gloves:

These are old fashioned bag gloves which has minimum padding without wrist support. This can be used by either amateur. They offer minimal protection to the hand but allow the most direct feel. They should not be used for sparring due to an increased risk of damage to both participants.

Bag gloves

They come with a Velcro-fastened hook and loop tie off now. They come in 12, 14 and 16 oz varieties. Amateur fight gloves are 10 and 12 oz. with pro fight gloves being 8, 10 and 12 oz. One major advantage of bag glove is it is heavier than the fight glove.

Weighted Bag gloves:

They comes in 16 oz. This type of glove has weights in the wrist which can increase strength, resistance and speed training. It has a weight which ranges between 4 to 4.5 pounds. Weights can be added or subtracted to achieve a desired weight for a workout.

Lace up gloves:

They are designed in such a way that it can accommodate supportive hand-wraps and stay tight for whole 12 rounds, before they are taped up and signed by an official to state approval.

Training gloves:

They are used to worn when some exercise or training is done for some athletic event. They are used for many different purposes. Generally boxing gloves are large and padded which can protect individuals hands from injuries, while lifting gloves can protect the palms of one person hands from friction.

These types of gloves are generally inexpensive. Training gloves are simple open-fingered gloves used primarily for lifting weights. This type of gloves is also used for boxing and other martial arts that involve striking with the hands. Some people wear weighted exercise gloves while engaging in exercises that normally would not involve any contact with the hands, such as jogging, walking or shadowboxing. Such training gloves allow people to work out several different muscle groups at the same time or to work on both muscles and cardiovascular health simultaneously.

Exercise gloves:

They are worn during a workout. Different types of exercise gloves are used for weight lifting, boxing or jogging. Exercise gloves that are used for weightlifting are generally fingerless gloves that can fit securely over the hands and also has a non-slip pad as well as extra padding on the front of the hands. Non slip pad can protect the weight lifter from dropping the heavy weight which becomes slippery with sweat, and the extra padding around the hands and fingers prevents from scratches and injury.

Another type of exercise gloves are worn for boxing. This type of glove can fit well on the hands which has extra padding at the front. The padding protects the fingers and knuckles when throwing punches.

The final type of exercise gloves are worn during winter while working out in the outdoors. Joggers, runners and cyclists often wear gloves during winter to protect the hands from the elements. This type of gloves can be purchased from fitness stores or online.