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Wii Fit Plus Review

Wii Fit Plus Review

I’ll admit, I was a little biased against Wii Fit. Although many were raving about it, some also complained of its lack of structured workouts. I purchased EA Sports Active, and I received just what I was looking for – 30-day challenges filled with strict workouts and exercises.

Eventually, though, my curiosity got the better of me, and I wanted in on the fun I had heard about. Wii Fit Plus is all that it promises – it offers fun activities to help get you in shape and lose weight.

Wii Fit Plus is a game for those looking for fun ways to burn calories and lose weight. It’s also for anyone who feels they need to be “tricked” into losing weight by playing a game.

Wii has a great variety! It offers balance games (it has some new ones that weren’t offered on the original Wii Fit, too), as well as Yoga, Strength Training and Aerobics. It would be difficult to fit all of them into one day/workout, so it offers a good variety if you’re looking to exercise everyday.

There isn’t much I didn’t like about Wii Fit Plus. It’s a bit expensive (you need the Wii’s balance board to use this game, so while the game itself is only $20, when bundled with the balance board, you’re looking at about $100), especially when compared to some of the other games which don’t require other equipment.

What I’ve heard that others didn’t like was the fact that you weigh in everyday, that you’re judged with the Body Test every single day. First, it’s not necessary to weigh in every single day, though it is recommended. Second, I think it would be smart to use the results to motivate rather than discourage. Yes, if your BMI (Body Mass Index or basically the amount of body fat) places you in the obese range, it will tell you that. Day after day, until you lose that weight! But this can be a good motivator to lose weight, right?

When finishing playing this game, I always want to do more, even when I’m tired and sore. Perhaps it’s the competitive side of me that wants to beat my previous score (and that of the rest of my family), or perhaps it’s just the challenge of getting the hang of each activity. Either way, I just want to play it again and again!

The game makes me feel great! Starting each day off with some yoga and cardio gives me energy for the rest of the day, and it motivates me to keep on my diet and exercise routines so I can reach my goals.

I recommend this game because I think it works. It’s a fun way to burn calories and lose weight. If it’s tough for you to follow along with an aerobic instructor as they count out reps, this game may work for you. Rather than offer a strict workout filled with repetitive exercises, Wii Fit Plus offers a good variety of fun activities that just so happen to involve moving around and getting your heart rate up. Fun!