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So, You Wanna Knock ‘Em Out!

So, You Wanna Knock ‘Em Out!

For the training MMA, Boxer, or K1 fighter one of the best skills you can develop is a knockout punch. This opens up your opponents like a flower in the morning sun and since your knock out power is on the forefront of them mind they will leave other areas you can attack open. It is a lot like in foot back when you have the running game going the passing game just opens up and allows you to pass for a million yards. So here are some tips and tricks that knockout artists like Chuck Liddell and Roy Jones Jr. have explained give you that knock-out punch.

Legs = Power

1. I laugh at people when they see someone with big arms and assume they have that knockout power. Big biceps are not where your knockout power will come from. The way to increase power the quickest way is to develop your leg power. Look at way to increase the power in your legs and this will exponentially increase your punching power. There are only two exercises you need to focus on when you want more leg power and those are the squats and the dead-lift. So, get to the gym and begin working on increasing the amount of weight you can do on both those lifts, but first read number 2 and 3 below.

Twisting = Power

2. If a golf ball was alive it would be knocked out when hit by Tiger Woods. Just watch Tiger Woods crush a ball and you will know exactly what I mean by power comes from the twist and the twist comes from the oblique and ab muscles. So when you are doing those crunches at the top of the movement make sure you twist both ways before starting your way down. There are a lot of twisting exercises out there so pick one and get better each time you train them.

Balance = Power

3. What many people overlook is the only time a fighter has optimal power is when they are balanced. When a fighter is off balance they are always at a disadvantage especially when it comes to power. So, get a balance board and begin keep the edges off the ground. Once you can do this for at least 30 seconds begin to do some punching until you can get to speed punching without touching the edges of the board to the ground.

So work on increasing the power in your legs, twisting muscles, and your balance and you will have that knock-out punch you have always wanted. Also, one secret is that by the pure emotion of wanting to increase your punching power you will see a dramatic result. A lot of fighters punch without any intention, but the best knock out artist punch with the intention of putting someone to sleep. So, with your intention of becoming ‘The Sandman’ and following the 3 tips in this article you will have knock outs showing up on your record soon.