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How to Punch – The Jab

How to Punch – The Jab

One of the main questions that people want to ask an experienced martial artist is how to punch properly for the maximum power and effectiveness, but of course the first thing that you need to recognize is that the answer to this question depends on the situation you are in, which will decide what kind of punch that you should use.

So in explaining how to perform a jab for this article the first thing that it is very important for any curious reader to learn is what a jab is for and when you should use it. A jab punch is not really used to hurt your opponent or to win a fight, although that can happen. Its purpose is either to keep your opponent at a medium of long range distance to stop them from being able to attack you, as a way to test your opponents defenses, or as an opening attack in a combination, designed to soften them up and break down their defenses or just to help you close the distance between them and you.

When learning how to punch with the jab techniques you should therefore focus on speed much more than power. Having a relaxed body with as little tension as possible in your muscles can help with this, as can training with a punch bag and focusing your mind on trying to punch as quickly as you can rather than as hard.

The technique for a jab is fairly simple. Try to land the strike with your fist at a diagonal angle (like this /) rather than flat for extra power. Try to step into the attack, which will also increase the power of the strike. And finally you should always be aware of the counter attack and should therefore bring your other hand up to cover the other side of your head, and try to tuck your chin in behind the shoulder of the arm you are using to punch with for extra protection on that side.