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Betting on Boxing

Betting on Boxing

Online boxing betting is easier than ever thanks to a number of online sportsbooks readily accepting wagers on the outcome of fights. With hundreds of reputable sportsbooks taking bets online it has never been easier to make boxing more exciting by wagering on the outcome.

Boxing Betting Markets

Most online sportsbooks, mainly US sportsbooks only allow players to wager on the win market. Although some, such as BetUs, which is a leading US sportsbook will occasionally open up a book in the “over/under” market. This means aside from the predicting a winner you can also bet on whether a fight will make it past a certain distance, usually the 11 1/2 round mark. This particular market can be very profitable, and it is definitely worth searching around for this betting market just for this feature. Although you should take in to account that this market is only available for specific fights, usually only the high profile fights.

If you aren’t from America you will have access to a whole host of other boxing sportsbooks who will offer many more betting markets for opportunistic boxing bettors, including the incredibly popular in-play markets which are available at most European sportsbooks. In addition to the in-play boxing betting market you can also wager on a selection of markets such as;

Round Betting – Betting on when the fight will finish and who will win, such as Arthur Abraham to win in the 7th round.

Grouped Round Betting – Betting on the winning fighter between a selection of rounds. For example Arthur Abraham to win between the 7th and 9th round.

Total Rounds – You can bet on the over/under of a number of rounds taking place. Such as the over/under of a fight going 9.5 rounds.

Fight Outcome – In this mark fight you can bet on the outcome such as a fighter winning by Knockout, Technical Knockout or Disqualification or a fighter winning by Decision, different odds will be offered for each outcome and both will be offered for each fighter. You also have the option of backing the unlikely but certainly possible outcome of a draw in this area.