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The Dangers of Cigarette Smoking

The Dangers of Cigarette Smoking

Smokers are attacked with a lot of reasons for smokers to quit smoking every day. There are a lot of quit smoking tips to push people to quit smoking. The truth is, nothing of those tips will work if you do not really want to change. Knowing how cigarettes affect your health maybe can make you decide to quit now.

Smoking cigarettes can be the worst thing we can do with our body. They say that with every cigarette you smoke your life will be lessened by six minutes. When you think about this and you realize that you consume one pack a day, that is a big thing for you to do just to smoke.

The government is now putting big taxes to lessen the people who patronize it. Even so, people still buy it no matter how expensive it may be. Individuals who smoke are twice more likely to experience heart attacks than those non-smokers. They are also the ones who near death at a young age.

Cigarette smoking can lead to strokes because it stops the circulation. Smokers are at a high risk to acquire strokes. This is very dangerous especially to people who use birth control pills. If they are around thirty they are at the highest risk to experience a stroke.

The very bad effect that smoking can do with our body is with your lungs. The leading cause of lung cancer is due to smoking. It is true that non-smokers can also have lung cancer. Emphysema, an incurable breathing disease is also caused by smoking.

Even if you try to quit without the aid of medication, you will still need help to quit smoking. This help can come in the form of quit smoking support groups, friends and family. The more people you have supporting you on your journey toward better health, the better off you will be. You can also turn to any number of non-profit organizations to receive the help you need.

Smoking causes big damage to our lungs, there is bad news for people who just decided to quit. It will take ten years before your lungs get back to its normal state again. This means that if you quit smoking at a young age you still have time to improve. It is exciting to find out the immediate effect when you quit smoking.