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Climbing: Can Be Enjoyed By All

It’s a common misconception that climbing is only for those who are young and in good shape. That, however, is complete nonsense. People from all walks of life enjoy this activity. Some of them actually climb sheer cliffs and go exploring deep inside dark caverns, while others are more of the weekend warrior type who enjoy the indoor rock climbing wall. Even if you’re out of shape, slightly overweight, obese, a little older, or even if you’ve never worked out in your life, you can still enjoy this fun activity that also provides a great workout. You should first find a good instructor who is skilled in the art of climbing and who will also make sure you’re safe while you’re still learning.
What If I Fall?
This is the biggest question asked of instructors when newbies are inquiring about lessons. Relax, you’re not going to fall as long as your instructor is skilled and knows what he or she is doing. When you are climbing, you are strapped into a harness and you’ll have plenty of climbing rope. This rope will keep you safe in case you happen to lose your footing and fall. When you’re learning, it’s not like you’re going to be climbing tall buildings or sheer cliffs anyways. When just starting out, you’ll be on an indoor or outdoor climbing wall which is tailored for teaching and which will only have you a few feet off the ground. Just to make sure, though, the rope and harness are in place to keep you as safe as possible just in case.
A Great Workout
Not only is climbing a lot of fun but it’s also a fantastic workout. When people are looking for the ultimate workout, they generally want aerobic exercise combined with anaerobic exercise. Climbing provides both of these aspects. You get the aerobic because you’re constantly moving your arms and legs to move yourself up the wall, cliff or whatever else you’re climbing; and you get the anaerobic exercise because it takes strength to move yourself from peg to peg. You get the best of both worlds and you learn a very fun and useful skill in the process.
There’s no question that climbing is gaining in popularity as rock walls can be found in indoor climbing centers, fitness centers, and even at carnivals and other festivals. With the activity gaining such popularity, you must be wondering what it’s all about. No matter your fitness level, age, or whatever else you feel is holding you back from pursuing the rewarding, fun and challenging activity.