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Key Pod Car Safe Product Review

Its seems to be one of the biggest problems when heading to the beach and looking forward to a surf. Where are you going to put you car key? Most people go for under the wheel arch or somewhere around their car but with thieves ever cunning then, the possibility of you car, and worse still, your quiver getting nicked, is quite high. This is especially so around the summer in popular spots!

There are many products on the market but none more so practical than the Keypod. The Keypod is great product and much more repelant that first appears. It is made from metal and very heavy duty. Its around 6 inches long and has loads of space inside to place keys, credit cards, and cash.

To open the Keypod you simply push the buttons as instructed which then opens both the lid and the shackle. It is set to a factory combination and this can be changed to a four number combination which makes it almost impossible to guess how to much so that it a 1/9999 change of getting it right!!

The padlock that secures the Keypod is extremely thick and sturdy and unless someone is wandering by with a chainsaw or bolt cutters (highly unlikely) then your gear should be safe. The Keypod can be attached to your car tow bar, railings, fences…pretty much anything as the hook lock is quite large.

All in all, if you are looking for Surf Security products, then this ticks all the boxes and more for us. The Keypod is available now for only ?19.99 from our Surf Shop and is shipped out the same day! We also have other Surf Security products that can be found in our shop.