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Extreme Sports You Should Try At Least Once In Your Life

Well, because this sport is quite extreme sports, you have to be good at choosing a professional sports operator and have high flying hours People say you only die once. So, enjoy life by doing meaningful things by doing unusual things. For example, by trying the following extreme water sports.

Cave Diving Extreme Sports, explore the mystery of the cave in the sea

Diving in a cave that contains a lot or some water is not an easy thing. You must have special techniques and abilities to dive. If not, then don’t ever try to do this once in a while. Because cave diving will be very fatal if the wrong technique.

Big Wave Surfing Extreme Sports, snaking through the rolling waves as high as 20 feet

For ordinary people, surfing in the middle of the sea is not easy. Moreover, surfing against the waves with a height of 20 feet (6.2 m)! This extreme water sport is what adrenaline junkies are looking for. If you are interested in trying it, start learning to surf in the ocean with waves that are not so big.

Flyboarding, feel the sensation of floating on the water with jet-powered water jets

Ever imagined being able to fly like Tony Stark the Iron Man? It must be really fun. Well, you can also do the same thing by trying out flyboarding. Standing on the water with the help of jet-powered water jets will create the sensation of flying like Iron Man.

The Cage of Death, get into the tube facing a ferocious giant crocodile

If you are someone who is looking for the fun of challenging things, “the Cage of death” is a must try. It’s not a pure water sport, but you have to swim and survive in a big tube and accompanied by a giant crocodile. Can’t imagine what would happen if this crocodile suddenly turned into a mutant monster and attacked.

Kitesurfing, a water sport that defies the wind

Judging from the name, this sport is still a derivative with surfing. Yep, kitesurfing is a combination of surfing and kites, where you not only surf controlling the waves but also have to control the wind. Interestingly, kitesurfing can be done in calm seas. You can try this sport in Bali.

Windsurfing control the direction of motion of a single sail

If kitesurfing combines surfing and kites, then windsurfing or windsurfing is a sport that combines a surfboard and a sailboat. You are required to have courage and a strong mentality to be able to maintain the balance of the sails blown by the wind.

White water rafting, paddling conquers the rapids of the river

This one extreme water sport must have been very common in the ear. Dare to try this sport means you have to be ready to paddle in the river with rapids that are quite extreme. The rapids are high and fierce is a challenge that must be conquered.

Because this sport is classified as extreme, you must be selective in choosing a professional operator and have high flying hours, for your own comfort and safety. Progo Rafting, which has been in this field for decades, could be the right choice. The name of the operator based at the Puri Asri Hotel is indeed familiar in the rafting field.