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MMA Pink Boxing Gloves – Choosing the Right Gloves for Female Mixed Martial Arts

MMA Pink Boxing Gloves – Choosing the Right Gloves for Female Mixed Martial Arts

A brief overview of female MMA

MMA pink boxing gloves; it doesn’t really sound like your usual combination of items especially in the thick- necked world of professional and amateur mixed martial arts. Though were talking about female MMA here, a sport that has had quite a difficult journey towards being accepted within the world of male dominated fighting sports, and still to this day stands on shaky ground.

Originally started by a group of female Japanese wrestling and kickboxing enthusiasts who enjoyed regular weekend bouts between friends that gradually grew into the ‘Smack-girls’ events. The exciting atmosphere of these small fights quickly spread to the US where a number of well-known fighters from differing sports decided to organize what is now known today as the ‘Strike-Force,’ a woman’s equivalent of the men’s ‘Ultimate Fighting Championships’. Even with its vast popularity, women’s MMA is considered almost taboo by the men’s UFC board and has had to develop its own scene without additional help or funding.

Female MMA glove choices

Female mixed martial arts is almost exactly the same as male MMA; there are opponents with a wide range of styles and techniques, very little padding and very few match rules. If you’re new to this sport there are a few things you should consider before running out to buy that flashy pair of MMA pink boxing gloves. When it comes to selecting your fighting equipment it is important that you go with a well-known company and find gloves that have ample padding, fit snugly and have a comfortable weight to them. Due to the flexible nature of MMA you’ll find that the gloves used in this sport have a different look, weight and feel to standard boxing gloves; they also differ depending on whether you’re using them for bag training, sparring or a match fight. On first sight you’ll notice that all MMA gloves have non-padded and uncovered open palm areas, individual open-ended finger loops and generous padding on the top side of he gloves covering the knuckles, top hand and wrist areas.

Here are the 3 main categories of MMA boxing gloves available to you and how they differ from each other:

Sparring Gloves

Used for one-on-one fight training these gloves have more padding than the others to lessen the impact on the hands and wrists. They come in two main types, one with an open palm area with individual finger loops and a set that slip on like a pair of motorcycle gloves with open finger ends and a bar across the palm area for tighter fist clenching.

Bag Gloves

These gloves tend to come in the classic boxing shape which covers the whole hand giving ample support to the knuckles, thumb and wrist areas. Most bag gloves have more compact padding for protection against constant impacts with heavy bags and strike pads; also they tend to be heavier and may have long adjustable Velcro wrist wraps for a tighter fit.

Fight Gloves

MMA gloves are very different from other boxing gloves and on first glance they appear like a pair of motorcycle gloves. Most weigh as little as 4 ounces and have very little protective padding, which consists of a thin layer of compact material covering the top of your hands and the knuckles. MMA fight gloves usually come with an open palm area and open-ended individual finger loops that almost give the same feel as fighting without any glove on at all